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You can help elect Joe Manchik to Congress by making a campaign contribution.  The Green Party of the United States does NOT accept money from corporations and it is the only political organization to do so.  The only one.  Therefore we can not be bought and we will only work for the American people who donate to our campaigns and vote for us. So, in keeping with the political platform of the Green Party of the United States, we will NOT accept any contributions from corporations.  Corporations are NOT people, so please ensure that your contribution is from a personal account and not from a business account.  Any funds received from a business or a corporation will be returned.

Please send your donations to the “Committee to Elect Joe Manchik” at  7070 Avery Road, Dublin, Ohio 43017-2808.

You may also click on this secure link to make a donation with a credit card or throughpaypal_logo

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