My Motivation to Run for Congress



This is how the American people can take OUR country and OUR government back from the multinational corporations that have stolen it all away from us.

Welcome to my website.  It is a work in progress and it reads like a book. Please note the additional links, or chapters, that you will find at the top of the page to click on, in order to read about My Platform,   Domestic PolicyForeign Policy , how to Donate $ to our campaign or to  Volunteer  to help with the campaign, the Green Party Ten Key Values , campaign Eventsmy Twitter account  and a detailed 12th District Map.

I first decided to run for Congress in 2015 when I became truly ashamed and disgusted that this evil man and the Speaker of the House, John Boehner, was actually representing the good people of Ohio in the United States House of Representatives in Washington. My original goal was to unseat John Boehner by running against him as a Green Party candidate for the United States House of Representatives. Soon after I made that decision, John Boehner bailed out on the good people of Ohio and quit his job, leaving his seat in the United States House of Representatives unfilled and his constituents in his voting district without any representation in the U.S. House whatsoever. This changed my perspective on how I can best represent and serve the people in my community and the surrounding area where I live.  Then I gave some serious consideration to the fact that my Congressman, another evil and corporate owned Republican politician named Pat Tiberi, supports and has voted to fast-track the passage of the Trans-Pacific Partnership agreement, and he is still in the U.S. House today.  So I decided to unseat Pat Tiberi by running for Congress in Ohio’s 12th Congressional District, where I have been a longtime resident, and that is exactly what I did in 2016 when I was a Green Party candidate for the United States House of Representatives in Ohio’s 12th Congressional district.

In January of 2018, Mr. Pat Tiberi also bailed out on the good people of Ohio and quit his job as our U.S. Representative to Congress and has taken a job as a corporate lobbyist with the Ohio Business Roundtable.  Today, my view of Congress is that it is nothing more than a den of thieves that is made up of mostly corrupt, corporate owned Democratic and Republican politicians who have failed to represent their constituents who voted them into the offices that they hold and have completely perverted the Constitution of the United States with corporate cash.  In my view, the Democratic and Republican parties no longer represent the American people. They only represent the very same multinational corporations that OWN both political parties today, and this is why I often refer the Democratic Party and the Republican Party as the Democratic-Republican Duopoly Oligarchy Party.  Some of the multinational corporations that own the Democratic-Republican Duopoly Oligarchy Party are corporations like Walmart, where Hillary Clinton was on the Board of Directors at Walmart just prior to when Bill Clinton signed NAFTA into law in 1993, which has since caused the closure of many thousands of manufacturing firms, large and small all across America, and shipped millions of good paying American jobs off to foreign nations where slavery is still legal today.  Sadly, NAFTA has clearly created an environment where the American workforce has been forced to compete with a slave-based workforce in foreign nations that is paid pennies a day for their labor. This is truly shameful!

Other multinational corporations that own the Democratic-Republican Duopoly Party cabal are military industrial contractors, like Lockheed Martin, Northrup Grumman, Boeing, General Electric and others that get BILLIONS of OUR tax dollars each year to finance and manufacture the weapons of war.  Other examples include multinational oil corporations like BP, Shell and Exxon Mobil, that get BILLIONS of petrodollars when they go in and steal the oil and the gas from the innocent victims of the sovereign nations that the United States occupies.  These are clearly some of the motives behind the many ugly wars that our out of control American government is in the business of creating today, in order to increase the corporate profits of the multinational corporations that own the Democratic-Republican Duopoly Party cabal, and because of this I am now truly ashamed of what America has become.

These are just some of the reasons that are responsible for driving me to run for Congress today, and I want to do this so that someone can finally go to Washington to actually represent the good people of Ohio’s 12th Congressional District and give them a voice in our out of control government by passing some new Green legislation that will actually benefit THE AMERICAN PEOPLE, instead of the same, old legislation that only helps to increase the corporate profits of the multinational corporations that own the corrupt, corporate-capitalist and corporate owned Democratic-Republican Duopoly Oligarchy Party cabal of evil and greed and wars for oil that is driving our country off the road and deep into the ditch of fascism, oligarchy and plutocracy and onto the path to World War III.

This is my plan and I’m sticking to it.